Why you should prefer Dubai as a workplace for bluecollar jobs?

Since the 80’s and 90’s, Dubai has been the pick of the masses amongst the Middle East countries, when it comes to blue collar jobs. And ever since those times, the trend has seen a steady growth. According to a study regarding emigration in 2005, of the 5.5 lakh workers that emigrated from India to the Middle East in search of work, about 1.94 lakh chose Dubai. So what makes Dubai so preferable for a blue collar job seeker? What are the reasons that have kept this trend going, despite the steady increase in emigration for about 30 years now?

Located comfortably and strategically between the western and eastern worlds, Dubai has become a cultural and economic hub of the modern world. It boasts of a high standard of living for even the most basic of wage earners, and lacks the political instability or the stringent laws governing other Middle Eastern states. This makes it an ideal hub for many global businesses and also a hotspot for rapid economic and infrastructural growth.

This in turn translates into a high demand for skilled and unskilled workers alike, especially blue collar workers. And although the number of migrant workers has steadily increased over the years, many statistics indicate that the rise in the demand for workers, i.e., job openings and opportunities, has outstripped the influx consistently. In short, Dubai has become the proverbial land of opportunity for the aspiring job seeker, and even if you possess the most basic skill sets or little or no higher education, you can apply for a job and almost certainly find at least a dozen openings, perhaps even one that suits your needs. Recent years have seen people from small villages and tier 2 and 3 towns and metropolitan cities alike taking the leap of faith and with the right guidance by their side, their experiences have been remarkable and awe inspiring.

Many blue collar workers earn a healthy salary, enough to indulge in a comfortable lifestyle and still send a substantial amount of money back home. Others may even choose to move there permanently, and although that requires additional visa procedures, the cost of living is acceptable and the laid back lifestyle is something to look forward to. As a hub of various cultures and host to a steadily rising population of immigrant workers, Dubai feels like home away from home.

And so it’s no wonder that most blue collar job seekers now look towards Dubai, and when it comes to job hunting and visa procedures, you need to look no further. There are plenty of job listings out there, but finding the correct one has never been ZoEasy!!

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Why you should prefer Dubai as a workplace for bluecollar jobs?

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